Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Buying an umbrella?

If you are in a do-good mood,then maybe you could opt to shop for your umbies from

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

An insight into IT

A lot of folks from my parent's generation don't really understand how things work in IT sector and why so many of us seem to be married to our work even when we claim we dont want to be.The well meaning but useless advice that they shell out ranges from "the company cant demand you work so late.Its not legal" to "tell your boss to go hang himself".A lot of my friends and acquaintances often lament that there is no way to explain to their parents that we folks in IT can't just stop working because its 6:00 p.m. and that just telling the manager to "goanboylered"(go and boil your head) will only result in getting one's own head bitten off.So here is a pictorial representation of how things work for us.And hope this helps all parents/aunts/uncles/grandparents/well meaning relatives understand how things work in our workplaces.I suspect that this is true not just of IT but almost every field.Just change the roles.
Note:This is not my creation.It is merely a heartfelt forwarded mail from a colleague.I can only applaud the creativity of the person who came up with this.

The scene depicts a weekly status meeting.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Holy Cow!

Read these lines from a play on the internet and couldnt stop laughing.

"I could dance with you till the cows come home. Better still, I'll dance with the cows and you come home."

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mundane thoughts.

Ever think what a lion with its mane shaven off would look like?It must look like a rather muscular dog.Atleast I think so.Am working on a lion and right now I have just finished the mane around its neck.The mane on the head is still pending...and right now it looks like a dog with a furry bib.
Anyway havnt got much time today.Got a couple of my folks popping in today specifically to taste my chicken curry.One is skeptical and the other is a believer.Just need to make sure the believer doesnt lose his faith.
Have a happy day,folks..Tada!

Monday, May 30, 2011

A new resolution - 26 days of blogging!

Erm...ello...anyone around?Its nearly midway through 2011 and I havnt written a single here goes...a new resolution....26 days of continous blogging...I do have moments in every day when a thought strikes and I think I should write about that..But since most of the time this happens is when am outside or too busy doing something else,the thought flits away and then when I do find the time to write I cant remember what exactly I wanted to write about.
So this means that I need to go back and pick up a habit I once had of writing out my ideas or atleast scribbling them on a scrap of paper so that I remember them at a later point when am ready to work on them.

Its been exactly a week since I came back to my roost.And havnt done anything constructive.Well,apart from laundry and clearing out cupboards and scrubbing dishes and dusting a house that looked like a dust storm had hit it.And yeah,the hubby did say the house didnt look too bad.(yeah,right.and I have a pet white elephant with pink ribbons on its ears!)Men! But as a matter of fact I know he did try to keep the house tidy...Its just that we women are rather picky creatures.God forgot to put in the dust seeing software in ole Adam's eyes.When He came down to visit Adam and try out the new green tea that Adam insisted was good for the Lord's longevity,here is how the conversation went.

Adam: Howz the tea,Lord?
God : Ah! pure nectar,pure nectar.(emptying the contents of the cup surreptiously behind a coconut palm.)
Adam: Shall I pack up some for you to take home?(beams and looks like an eager little boy)
God : sure the angels would love some too.(makes up his mind to feed the tea to his angels)
Kalyani,an angel who was peering over the edge of heaven,heard this,turned green and promptly fell down in a dead faint.
God: really need to dust this place.
Adam: Dust?(blankly)
God: Just look at those cobwebs.
Adam:cob...whatz?(looking even more blank if possible)
God: and..and..look at..ah..ah...atishooooo!!!at the state...aahchoooo...
Adam: It looks fine to me,Lord.
God: Achoooo..aksheeee...chhoooo...(eyes streaming,makes note to self "Finish Eve asap")

But where was I? About not having done anything constructive.The hubby doesnt hear a word of what I say..No..I didnt mean in the way all hubbies not listening to wives....Poor ole me has been sick and now am croaking like a crow.My voice is so hoarse that I cant even hear what am saying.And poor hubby has been learning the art of lip reading.

I need to get a folding craft table made.I know exactly what I want but trying to get someone to make it for me is going to be a pain.The furniture folks in India are sooooooooo unimaginative.They try and convince you that you would be better off conforming to the standard dimensions and standard designs that they have.Yeah,I know thats easier for them but thats not what I want...What happened to the customer always being right motto?Here is a pic of the table I want.I have even found out a series of videos on how to assemble this table.

The tough part is going to be getting the furniture guy to make it.I guess I'll have to explain that it works like a folding table inside a train.I hope the guy realises that the tables in trains do fold.If not...Any ideas?