Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My tryst with perfection

Having had 3 weeks of vacation mercilessly swallowed up in the whirlwind of a marriage and its allied functions,I found myself on the flight back to Los Angeles with the man I fell in love with sitting next to me,long legs stretched out to the max. Anyway on the flight we were watching the movie dhamaal when all of a sudden it dawned upon me that my hubby looks a lot like Hrithesh Deshmukh!!!! I can imagine the Tapori gang hooting with laughter at that.I assure you (haughtily) he does look like Hrithesh Desmukh.Or maybe the Desmukh dude resembles my hubby a bit.They have different mannerisms but they do look a bit similar.
I don’t know why but people keep asking me how does it feel to be married.Am I supposed to feel different?It seems to be the kind of question you are asked when you just won the Miss World title.Well….I honestly don’t feel any different.It felt good to be with him earlier and now it still does feel good…nothing has changed…well…maybe I have a little bit of extra work in terms of ironing my hubby’s clothes and making regular meals plus crazy debates with self on what curry to be cooked for what meal.
Anyway back home on Sunday evening,we set about unpacking the four suitcases we brought along and finding a place for each and everything.Being a studio,the only way to keep the place habitable was to keep things as neat and tidy as possible.I unpacked my clothes and popped the ironed piles into the shelves and drawers that Sangeetha had vacated.My own designated shelves were a chaos which I blithely shut my eyes to….well…until my poor hubby asked me in bewilderment if I could spare atleast one drawer for him to put away his stuff.I stood still and stared in shock at my new roommate who is to stick with me in all the rooms I stay in for the rest of my life.I tried to make some space for him in the cupboard and finally we ended up stuffing his things in along with my unruly dupattas which were waiting to be ironed.The next day after he left for work (I had one more day to relax and get my life in order),I turned out the kitchen cabinets and worked hard at organizing the space.By lunch time I had started on the clothes cupboard.I stuffed my unironed unruly salwars into one drawer and managed to close it.By then it resembled the proverbial Pandora’s box with multicolored dupattas and salwars bursting out the moment you opened the drawer.Finally,I managed to clear out 50 percent of the cupboard space and felt quite pleased with myself.Let it not be said that I don’t give my hubby his space.After all Cupboard space is an important aspect of personal space in a marriage.
In the meantime I had managed to make the dough for chappathis which we were to have for dinner and figured out how to keep the bedsheet from slipping out of place each time I even sat on the bed.I felt that I was the perfect wife except that I had not yet bathed.Cripes!!I looked a major mess.My hair desperately needed a shampoo and a good soak in oil.I eyed the clock and decided I had the time to bathe and look gorgeous and sweet smelling by the time my tired hubby reached home.At this point I had a mental argument on the advisability of rolling out chappathis after my bath and getting covered in flour.Regretfully I decided to forgo the idea of looking gorgeous and to bathe at night before going to bed and anyway my hubby was due home any moment now.I made the peas curry for dinner and sat down to relax for a minute.I was debating on whether I should ring up my hubby to find out where he is so that I could have a hot coffee ready for him the moment he stepped into the house (I do sound obsessed ) when jetlag and hardwork caught up and before I knew it I was asleep on the bed .All the good things in life are short lived and especially if you are trying to be compulsively perfect.The doorbell rang and a tired me opened the door to find the gorgeous hubby standing outside with a smile and a new pressure cooker.I immediately set about making his coffee and then rolled out the chappathis.Then I ironed the clothes he was to wear to office the next day.To all you men out there who are considering pointing me out to your wives as a role model,please do pray that I am able to stick to ironing the man’s clothes.(Cos he does look real good in ironed clothes).Dont ask me why I want to stick to it.I don’t know why except that there is this inexplicable urge to spoil the man cos he has never had anyone to pamper him as far as I know.
Then I cooked the chappathis .He loved my curry and it inspired me to start cooking the next day’s lunch which we were planning to take to office.The menu was green gram mizhukuperatty,rice and egg curry.The eggs were boiled and I decided to postpone my bath till the next day morning.I set the alarm to ring at 7 .I made a good egg curry and the mizhukuperatty.I had put the rice to cook in the new cooker when I had begun on my curry and had been a bit confused as to the quantity of water to be added as I was used to smaller cookers.I had finished the curry and still not a single whistle had come from the cooker.I was puzzled and decided to inspect.

My hubby came out of his bath to find me looking miserably into the cooker which had some badly burnt rice.He laughed his head off and told me we could eat out for lunch.He popped the curry into the fridge and ate up the mizhukuperatty and sent me off to bathe.I bathed and came to office.Suresh(Anup’s former roomie) has invited him over to dinner tonight and am to be left alone with leftovers from our Chinese lunch and my egg curry for company but the truth be told ,after a day of playing at being the perfect wife I need a break….!!!

I wish I had learnt to give up but being born to a superwoman who juggled a job , her husband and 2 kids and still managed to pack lunchboxes of puris and peas curry ,toasted potato sandwiches,cutlets and what not ,washed and ironed a weeks worth of clothes for her family,swept and mopped a huge house,never had a housemaid for years and still managed to look lovely,I cant help but set myself the same standards to follow considering I have no kids,live in a studio which is carpeted and needs to be vaccummed just once a week, .Sounds reasonable ,doesn’t it?

P.S.Later when I recounted this story to our friend,Veda,,he told me that Anup eats anything and I should have told simply told Anup that the it was brown rice and made him eat it.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

As I move into the light my dear friends who are still wandering blindly in the alleys of "single-hood"(bachelorhood can be applied only to the male members).As I step into the light on Jan 20th ,I pity you all your lost meanderings thru the tunnels of darkness and remember you all fondly.
Thank you….to my dear friends who have already fallen into the well of matrimony for the enthusiasm you show in dragging me too there.
(Enna kolupu le !)Santhosh,wisely has chosen to follow my path and I welcome and appreciate his wisdom.To the rest,I hope you will all take the wise decision soon and…..follow me …. …jump into the marital well!!!!!

All comments are invited and appreciated.

P.S. Please don’t try the same old boring beaten comment abt how Anup is the one who fell into the well!!!