Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last post of the year!

An end of the year post is due.And since I cant seem to think of one sensible topic to write about,I decided to simply follow my uncensored thought process and see where it leads me.
Last night,the hubby woke up and sleepily stared up at a monster brandishing a club which gave out sparks in the dark.Even worse the club seemed to be flying extremely close to his person.The man jumped out of his bed, yowling in fear and ran right out of the door,onto the street and all the way to Jamaica,screaming blue murder.:D

Ok..I’ll admit.He didnt.But the thought just popped into my head and was too funny to resist.And its in keeping with my new resolution to see something funny in everyday and if I dont find anything,I shall imagine something funny.But am telling you the man did wake up and see something that looked like a monster wielding a club.It just happened to be his crazy wife who was waving the electric mosquito bat (dont know if thats what its called but lets call it Sparky.Sounds much more friendlier considering the important role it plays in my life)and muttering curses at the danged mosquitoes which bother her every night.Honestly,there is something very satisfying when you manage to nab a mosquito with Sparky and it makes an exploding noise.Sounds like “SWAAAT!” and the mosquito fried.Aaah! I relish it.To any mosquito lover(nothing surprises me these days),it may seem quite callous of me to take pleasure in a poor tiny helpless mosquito (my big fat Foot!) dying a sad death by Sparky.I wont apologise.

By the way I made “Puttu” today for lunch.And it came out perfectly…Ooooooh…How exciting!…The sad part is that DH is not very fond of Puttu.Oh,he eats it,alright.But it doesnt make him excited.Its just “oh,puttu?Right” and not “oooooooooh,u made puttu?Clever wifey!Should get you some diamonds”. Huh!But am still quite proud of myself.It was good puttu.And …err..since I made a little extra,we are having it for dinner too. :-).Please pray that DH doesnt notice.Anyway,I have decided to consider it as one of my key acheivements of the year.And pizza I made last week was yet another one….And I made it from the scratch;the dough for the base,the sauce,every damn thing.The only thing I didnt do was grow my own veggies for it.Mushroom dum biriyani,puris,bread pudding,coriander rice,egg biriyani,cant remember the rest.But thats ok.There are some major ones like finally liking oats(can you hear my mom hooting? :s).And of course making curds…..!

I love curds…Not the messy kind which has lots of little yucky bits and pieces floating around in whey and makes you feel quite sorry for it.But the thick creamy white kind…which you can scoop up with a spoon and pretend that you are a mighty sea monster eating a tiny iceberg..mmmmmmm..ok…Lets not get carried away…but ….sigh…you got to admit that curds are yummy…and to those few people who refuse to eat curds for the reason that its white and they cant stand eating anything thats white in colour,I ask’d eat it if it was dung green?!!

One of the things I completely loved in US was the yoghurt in tubs you got to buy there.Considering we started our married life there,we soon got into the habit of having curds with almost every other meal.In terms of curds,that was the bestest period of my life.And so when we came back to India,we were sadly deprived of curds.Once in a while,the Goddess of Curds(has to be a goddes cos I dont think any God could make it :p) would smile upon us and we would chance upon a cup of Nestle curds at the nearby Reliance Fresh store.(I still dont know why they cant have it in stock more often instead of once in 4 months.Really!)And we would eat it reverently trying to make it last as long as we could.And so one fine day,as I lamented that the yummy stuff was almost gone ,the DH had a brainwave and said “Why dont you make curds?”.
Yeah ,right.Now lets clarify things a bit.He thought he had had a brainwave.I most certainly didnt think so considering I was the one who had to make it and if I knew how, I would have done so long ago and wouldnt be hanging around waiting for him to realise that making curds must be included under the “wifely duties” clause on the marriage contract.I hadnt even tried to make curds for the fear of ending up the with the messy kind of curds.I could have told him so but then how do u look the man in the eye while he stands there radiating pride at having come up with such a great idea based on the sole conviction that his super-wife can do anything?It takes thicker skin than mine to look at him then and say “Sorry,I havnt a clue”.So I told him rather lamely “But you need a little curds to begin with”.And DH exclaimed triumphantly “but …there are a couple of spoonfuls left in the Nestle cup!!”.
Damn! I knew I should have finished it up the previous night.Me: “Err…am not sure how to make curds”DH: “You dont know how to make curds??”Me: “No” .DH: “It should be easy”
Yeah,right! Then you make it.Glared at him.
Me:”Shall google”
DH recognised all danger signals and backed down.
DH:”Yeah.thats a good idea.You the best”Me: “Really?You think so?”( Melting into a big gooey puddle)DH: “Of course.”
And so I batted my eyelashes at him,asked mommy(very important),made curds and googled just to make sure there was nothing else I could do to ensure thick curds. :).And yeah,of course,the curds came out exactly the way I wanted it to.(Patting self on the back)Thick and creamy.What?You had doubts abt that? :-O

Apart from all that I cooked,lets see what else I acheived.We are talking strictly about personal life.To list my professional acheivments here would be quite pointless considering you know nothing about my project.Telling you that I automated SCL building would be equivalent to telling you I am trying to stand on my head.You wouldnt know why I bother, dont you think?Hmm…*-) .Coming back to my personal acheivements,I became a designer.(blushes).Of exactly what? Erm…lets just say “characters” for now.Am not ready yet to unveil that side of talented me.(And you dare not have any doubts about me being talented!) Maybe sometime later this year.Am working on an experiment.Not sure if I will succeed.But I think I can if I give it my best shot..And that probably is an important goal for 2010.Am going all out with this one and its scary when I stop to think about it.I rarely make resolutions at the beginning of a year.But for some reason,this year seems special.Cos am rediscovering a lot of things about me? Maybe.
And on that cryptic note,I wish you all (and myself, ofcourse!) a very very very happy,prosperous and exciting new year and may you all learn to love yourself.Cos if you dont love your mad nutty half brained self,then who will? Cheers,people and lets ring in the new year with a booty dance !!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

To be or not to be?Sane,that is.

Its so much fun to be happy,isnt it?and so much nicer than being gloomy and worrying about mundane stuff like how your socks dont match your shoes and how xxx has lovely hair while ur own is falling out in clumps…:-)Am in a reflective mood…Can u tell?Maybe its cos of christmas……or maybe cos I just finished making a christmas gift for someone and it was a risk cos they may think its totally weird…or maybe cos the year is coming to an end.And looking back..when I tried to describe how 2009 has been,I couldnt.Dont know why…maybe cos I know I spent the better part of the year worrying…chuckle….who am I kidding…I spent the whole year worrying except maybe the last few days….

But thats ok..cos am not planning to go that way..I spent so much time worrying about things that I needed to do instead of actually doing them.Not anymore…I forgot the basic rule I lived by…Seeing the funny side in every situation…and remembering that life is too short for me to be worrying about the program code not working when am in the loo…that I need to sniff at a nice smelling “rubber” once in a way and mentally popping nasty people into white underwear patterned with bright red hearts and make a big time effort to be my loony old self…and that,my dear darling people,will be my resolution for the new year..In fact I have already started practising it so that I wud have perfected the art by the time we ring the new year in.
In the last 6 months the more I tried to be a sane balanced adult ,the more crazy life became…Or maybe my being sane was not conducive to surviving my crazy life .That makes sense…and honestly,I was so bloody bored with myself ….My life was no busier than it had been when I was truly being nuts but it was definitely boring-er…you know what I mean?.While trying to grow up ,I seemed to have forgotten a lot of little things that kept me happy and cheerful.For instance whenever I was sad,I wud look in the mirror and smile at myself…and I looked so funny trying to smile when I really was in no mood to,it wud invariably make me laugh and lighten up….silly but it worked…chuckle.

I spent some time going through the old posts on my external blog (I used to write a lot on that and rarely posted all that on Cog blog )and came across this.

” I recently read something on the internet and it made so much sense that am posting it here.

“We convince ourselves that life will be better after we get married, have a baby, then another. Then we are frustrated that the kids aren’t old enough and we’ll be more content when they are. After that we’re frustrated that we have teenagers to deal with.
We will certainly be happy when they are out of that stage. We tell ourselves that our life will be complete when our spouse gets his or her act together, when we get a nicer car, are able to go on a nice vacation, when we retire.
The truth is, there’s no better time to be happy than right now. If not now, when? Your life will always be filled with challenges.”

So true. There will never be a best car. There will never be a perfect spouse. There never will be perfect children. Life is rather simple and God only meant us to enjoy it. It’s we who make it complicated and a fight. Maybe if we all sat down and looked at a sunset, half the problems in the world wud be solved. Just imagine. Laden and Bush sharing a sunset together…Inspiring, isn’t it? Chuckle…. ”

Looks like I was more sensible in all my looniness than I thought.Where’s that mirror?and wud u have a nice smelling “rubber”?