Tuesday, September 21, 2010

In the name of sanity. the name of sanity :). And like a politician looking at all the empty seats in a hall where he is due to give his comeback speech,the author looks out at her readers with a benign smile and asks "So how have you all been?".So why the sudden so called comeback?Truly,in the name of sanity.Amidst aching knees,a crazy job and even crazier people you are forced to work with,I really need something to keep myself from losing my head.The part trouble with writing online is that your thoughts are rather open to public.Well,I guess thats sort of the point of blogs,isnt it?To air your views to anyone who would bother to read.Well..coming back to the crazy job...sigh...shall I admit it?I think my heart is no longer in it.It maybe a result of all those achy joints.But more than the crazy job,I think its the crazy colleagues.:( Am just sort of tired of second guessing people and their actions.I know some wise old soul said do your job and do it well and leave the rest to God.But in this field,and mind you,God,am not doubting your supreme powers for an instant here,but in this field,its all about politics.Sadly,thats how this field has become.:( And am sure I would be pretty good at office politics but I dont want to go there.Frankly,I prefer being slightly less chummy with my superior but having the sun come in through the window of my soul to being chaddi buddies with my manager and having complete darkness at that aforesaid window.
Sigh...I dont know if am being paranoid but there is this creepy feeling of people trying to get one up on me at workplace.Lets make that one person.I wish I could shake off that feeling.I dont like it.And honestly,thats a major reason why am wondering about this job.So quit it?:) Easier said than done....There are always so many what-ifs which come along with that little statement.What-if its a mistake?Every time I come close to actually doing it,something keeps me back and says "lets give it one more try".And yes,there is also this guilt about so many people who dont have jobs and my throwing away a blessing.I know, I " thinking too much".But how exactly do you make a decision without thinking?I have prayed over it and am waiting for God to show me a sign as to what he wants me to do.Meanwhile,why do I have this sneaking suspicion that while I wait,life is passing me by?
Anyway,have lots more to write but right now,job calling :).Have a nice one,folks!

Monday, April 19, 2010

King Kong Vs Godzilla

Just when I was thinking that the IPL had been going on for too long without even the shadow of a controversy,Lalit Modi steps in with a superb delivery that sent Tharoor running straight to the boundary.I was getting a bit antsy.I mean,come on,this is India after all.No good thing in India can actually go on for long without there being a controversy or some form of corruption in it.Its the norm.Or should we say age old tradition?(We even had a controvery in IT industry when Satyam almost went belly up)
Poor old Tharoor.I was watching an interview he had done on some news channel where he mentioned that he had quit his job overseas to come into Indian politics and that if he had been after money,he most certainly could have made it in a million other ways.Quite true.I honestly dont know if I should believe him or not.After all,Indian politics would certainly pay more than any measly job abroad,wouldnt it?Look at all those rich fat politicians we have in India.I bet none of them would give up politics for a silly old high paying job abroad.Why would one opt to work abroad when one can make even more money by staying in Indian politics and enjoy samosas, jalebis and khakras to boot?But then I have no clue about the kind of salary Tharoor received when he was working abroad and going by his lack of chubby "laloo" cheeks and rotund belly(definite symbols of any self respecting Indian politician worth his samosa) ,neither does the poor man seem to have a fondness for any indian sweets and savouries. But I do think that the guy either has an absolute talent for putting his foot in his mouth or he is a publicity hog.I still havnt made up my mind on that point.Forget the IPL controversy.Not one soul in Indian politics or for that matter,from our publicity hungry Bollywood has actually managed to create a stir(and it was not just one if I remember) using Twitter or any other social networking tool as Tharoor did.You got to admire his nerve.There most certainly are several long serving members of the Congress party whom we have never heard of and are not likely to until they are dead(if at all) and doordarshan plays the "oh-so-sad-that-another-rat-died" music all day long.Do they still do it?I dont remember the last time I watched that channel.I normally dont write about politics.In fact I couldnt write about politics to save my life.Where politics is concerned, I have my head well buried in the sand.But for some reason,Tharoor fascinates me.Maybe cos he managed to get even my attention Considering the number of years Tharoor spent abroad in countries where people are so polite and politically correct,I would expect the man to exhibit a lot more diplomacy and restraint.Here is an excerpt from Wiki about Tharoor's education.

"He went on to win a scholarship to study at the The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University where he acquired three degrees in as many years:
A Master of Arts in International Affairs
A Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy
A Ph.D. " (The Wiki didnt say in what)

"Diplomacy" is the keyword here folks.
Tharoor did make himself known to the masses and mostly to the educated computer savvy masses.The more he stuck his foot in his mouth,the more number of followers he got on twitter.Even if he only spoke about how he dug his nose ,these people heard him.So were all those so called political gaffes on twitter really what they seemed to be or a well planned publicity stunt by an extremely shrewd individual?Or were they the words of an honest politician,a true rarity in Indian politics, who actually dared to stand up and point out things which you and I have wearily accepted as "part of India"?Maybe as citizens of a battered nation,we have grown so cynical that we simply cant believe that an Indian politician could actually be honest.Anyhow coming back to the point,Lalit Modi(by the way,Lalit Modi,you are no angel.I do have some questions about your private jet and yacht,but I am not wasting my time on you.) and Shashi Tharoor did not disappoint and we also had some form of glamour thrown in in the form of Sunanda Pushkar and of course, lets not forget the bald baddies when we finally have figured out that some of the "underworld" had quite a few of their fingers stuck in the IPL pie (You really thought they'd leave a money making prospect like IPL alone?Get real.They are smarter than that.) not to mention the death threats to Shashi Tharoor.There you go! Hero(Tharoor in parrot green pants),Heroine (the haaaaawt Lady Pushkar), Mogambo (Modi) and his group of baddies( the underworld...ok...not quite his group but they'll do.).Quite the recipe for a Bollywood blockbuster and could give Ekta Kapoor a run for her money.Take a bow,ladies and gentlemen.Quite a show!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

I just had a thought…

How long has it been since you blew a soap bubble?No,seriously.Tell me.As kids all of us have at one time or the other had our parents shriek at us to stop playing and get out of the bathroom while we blissfully sat and blew soap bubbles between our thumb and index finger trying to make the bubbles bigger and last longer each time.Well,I have.But I dont remember the last time I did it.Most certainly not in the last decade which is a rather sad thing if you think about it.Its practically ages.I still love those little containers which are sold by roadside vendors blowing masses of pretty colorful bubbles and am tempted to buy and each time like a supremely mature responsible BORING adult I tell the kid in me “I’ll get it for you next time.We are in a hurry now”.Yeah,right! And we talk about killing creativity in kids?What about in adults?Why are we so hell bent on killing the kid in us?My mom was one busy lady if there ever was one.But she took the time to blow soap bubbles with me.We had some diluted dishwashing liquid,a straw and loads of fun.
And how many of you havnt ever blown a soap bubble at all?I seriously suggest you try it.All you need is some dishwashing liquid and a straw.(the kind that you drink soft drinks with).You dilute the dishwashing liquid a little,dip one end of the straw into it,lift it out and blow through the other end…and Voila!!There you go!!Had fun?
For those of you racking your brains for “brilliant” ideas and gifts for a lovely valentine’s day,why not blow soap bubbles with your better half,your parents,your best buddy or your kids?It’s a thought….