Monday, February 1, 2010

I just had a thought…

How long has it been since you blew a soap bubble?No,seriously.Tell me.As kids all of us have at one time or the other had our parents shriek at us to stop playing and get out of the bathroom while we blissfully sat and blew soap bubbles between our thumb and index finger trying to make the bubbles bigger and last longer each time.Well,I have.But I dont remember the last time I did it.Most certainly not in the last decade which is a rather sad thing if you think about it.Its practically ages.I still love those little containers which are sold by roadside vendors blowing masses of pretty colorful bubbles and am tempted to buy and each time like a supremely mature responsible BORING adult I tell the kid in me “I’ll get it for you next time.We are in a hurry now”.Yeah,right! And we talk about killing creativity in kids?What about in adults?Why are we so hell bent on killing the kid in us?My mom was one busy lady if there ever was one.But she took the time to blow soap bubbles with me.We had some diluted dishwashing liquid,a straw and loads of fun.
And how many of you havnt ever blown a soap bubble at all?I seriously suggest you try it.All you need is some dishwashing liquid and a straw.(the kind that you drink soft drinks with).You dilute the dishwashing liquid a little,dip one end of the straw into it,lift it out and blow through the other end…and Voila!!There you go!!Had fun?
For those of you racking your brains for “brilliant” ideas and gifts for a lovely valentine’s day,why not blow soap bubbles with your better half,your parents,your best buddy or your kids?It’s a thought….


Revs said...

Wheeeeee!! I blew bubbles recently at the Chennai Sangamam on Elliots beach!!
Much fun!! :)
Lovely post!

anu said...

Ahem!May I ask...with whom?? :p

PK 09 said...

We should all blow soap bubbles more often.

That's Ron said...